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Book Review

Mind Files

by Katie Asher

"Mind Files" is an accessible self-help book that encourages moving past negative thought patterns to live joyfully and appreciatively. An approachable guide to understanding how the mind processes experiences for future reference, Penny... Read More

Book Review

A World Diverse III

by Joseph S. Pete

It’s a book of poetry with prescience, power, and a coherent view of an often off-kilter world. David Edmond’s A World Diverse III: In Need of Help amasses well-wrought poems about self-realization, responsibility, goodwill among... Read More

Book Review

Live Ablaze

by Katerie Prior

"Live Ablaze" directs its audiences to a brighter future in a whimsical, inspiring way. Sarah Davison-Tracy’s motivational "Live Ablaze" encourages passionate living that uses past heartbreaks, hurts, and trauma as a road map to a... Read More

Book Review

Survive Shift Work

by Melissa Wuske

"Survive Shift Work" shines a much-needed light on the pitfalls of graveyard shift jobs. Stephen Wilmot’s "Survive Shift Work" proposes a compelling, easy-to-follow, and powerful means of handling the strain of nonstandard working... Read More

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