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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Crossruption" issues an invitation to forget what religion teaches, and instead become saturated with the transformative word of God. “The next decade will see a radical transformation in every area of life on a scale unmatched... Read More

Book Review


by Katerie Prior

"Masked" provides a thoughtful road map out of unhealthy relationships. Therapist Cherry D. Weber has seen patients mask who they are in order to survive abusive relationships, and in her latest book, "Masked", she provides insight on... Read More

Book Review

Good Sex

by Claire Foster

Graham sounds like a clear-eyed friend offering advice for the morning after. Mindful sex can absolutely involve handcuffs. Or candles and incense. Or even eye contact! Jessica Graham’s wonderful new "Good Sex" is an honest, insightful... Read More

Book Review

Don't Kill This Child

by Jeremiah Rood

Don’t Kill This Child reaches high to inspire Christians to bring more of God’s work into the world. Pastor Andrew Robert’s Don’t Kill This Child is a buttoned-up, scripture-heavy guidebook for discerning God’s plans for a... Read More

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