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Book Review


by Jeff Fleischer

This interview collection is an effective time capsule of some of the best years of the American stage. Ronald Rand’s "Create!" compiles interviews with many of the most important theater artists of the past few decades: actors,... Read More

Book Review

Collect Value Divest

by Diane Prokop

Stewart’s guide to collecting is entertaining and informative, making it ideal for anyone who wants to understand the objects that surround them. In Collect Value Divest: The Savvy Appraiser, Elizabeth Stewart shares some of the... Read More

Book Review

Federal Prison Handbook

by Rachel Jagareski

The author doles out plenty of factual data, but injects his own hard-won advice about prison culture. Longtime federal prisoner Christopher Zoukis has written an authoritative and highly detailed compendium of necessary information for... Read More

Book Review


by Meg Nola

All of "Oddballs"’ wood engravings should be appreciated with second and third glances in recognition of the painstaking, hands-on nature of their medium. Jim Westergard’s "Oddballs" is a tribute to humanity’s more unusual members,... Read More

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