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Book Review


by Matt Benzing

Observing the development of the US as a nation through a single American family, "Legacy" is a personalized, microcosmic history text. "Legacy" is a tale of US history distilled through Scott MacDonald’s family genealogy and the... Read More

Book Review

History and Mystery

by Jeremiah Rood

"History and Mystery" is an encyclopedic introduction to Christian notions of the apocalypse. Bernie L. Calaway’s "History and Mystery" is a lengthy exploration of the history and theology of Christian apocalyptic literature. The book... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Rigby

"Bridgespotting" is a niche travel guide that makes a strong case for considering infrastructure in new ways. Bridge enthusiast Bob Dover’s history-minded travel guide "Bridgespotting" covers iconic and undercelebrated bridges across... Read More

Book Review

That's Music

by Eileen Gonzalez

A fun celebration of music’s reach and importance, That’s Music is a handy reference guide to twentieth-century American artists and tunes. Hal Bird’s reference book That’s Music chronicles the rise of popular music in the United... Read More

Book Review

Insights from Inside

by Joseph S. Pete

The useful guidebook "Insights from Inside" can serve as either an industry primer or a helpful reference for experienced truckers. Retired trucking inspector Alan W. Wintermute’s "Insights from Inside" is a helpful guidebook to... Read More

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