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Book Review

Reality Revisited

by Andrea Hammer

"Reality Revisited" is a thought-provoking, ranging reference guide with plentiful material for discussion, debate, and entertainment. Igor D. Radović’s "Reality Revisited" is a sometimes satirical reference book that functions as a... Read More

Book Review

HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide

by Jeremiah Rood

HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide is a great reference work for those learning to code and build websites. David DuRocher’s computing reference book HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide has the potential to turn average internet travelers... Read More

Book Review

A Year with the Sages

by Jessie Horness

Accessibility is the name of the game with A Year with the Sages. For those seeking a more academic take on the weekly Torah portion but who don’t have higher level divinity degrees, this companion from Rabbi Reuven Hammer is an... Read More

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