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Book Review

Tails of Joy

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

This heartwarming book celebrates the adoption stories of animals with special needs. Every animal lover’s heart breaks for homeless pets. Gretchen Dale offers a respite of sorts with her compilation of hopeful adoption stories in... Read More

Book Review

Dogs and Disturbance

by Margaret Fedder

Surprisingly resonant poetry with skillful use of language reveals how animal companions teach us about life and death. Heartfelt verses written for a beloved pet have no doubt graced the journal pages of many a would-be poet. With "Dogs... Read More

Book Review

A bitch in Rome

by Christine Canfield

Camillo is both vulnerable and humorous in her portrayal of a new pet that causes jealousy in her marriage. The little dog was badly hurt. What could they do but bring her into their apartment in Rome and nurse her back to health? But... Read More

Book Review

The Gift

by Nancy Walker

An invaluable guide to help teachers and parents work effectively and successfully with even the most-challenging students. The Gift: How My Horse Taught Me to Teach the Toughest Children is a little gem of an instructional manual that... Read More

Book Review

People Training for Good Dogs

by Cheryl Hibbard

In "People Training for Good Dogs", former Massachusetts animal control officer Melissa Berryman presents a no-nonsense guide to what dog owners must know in order to develop the skills they need to successfully handle their dogs. Simply... Read More

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