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Book Review

My Name Is Moses

by Cheryl Hibbard

Books “written” by animals are nothing new. Even Black Beauty was told in first person by a very special horse back in the late 1870s. Robert (Bob) Hart has published "My Name Is Moses" on behalf of Moses the cat, the almost-human... Read More

Book Review

Successful Tails

by Sheila M. Trask

Healers come in many forms. Some wear white coats, other have wagging tails. Many of the latter are celebrated by Patricia H. Wheeler in this uplifting book about therapy dogs and the people they help. Wheeler is an experienced educator... Read More

Book Review

Learning to Live with Fritz

by Lisa Romeo

Dogs can be so much more than, well, dogs. Best friends and companions, too, they are often the subject of delightful stories that make for fun reads and entertaining, tear-jerking, films. Learning to Live with Fritz: Disgruntled Angel... Read More

Book Review

Pets at the White House

by Cheryl Hibbard

In "Pets at the White House", Jennifer Boswell Pickens offers a delightful series of anecdotes and photographs of our nation’s First Pets, creating an endearing volume that will appeal to animal lovers and presidential theorists alike.... Read More

Book Review

My Amazing Average Dog

by Julie Eakin

Part journal, part traditional book, My “Amazing“ Average Dog invites its readers—the target audience is tweens who already have a dog or want a dog—to participate in its making by asking a series of irresistible questions. The... Read More

Book Review

Kitty Cornered

by Lee E. Cart

In his humorous new book about his life with six felines, Tarte writes, “By then I had long since recovered from my early misconception that cats were either devious creatures or as mellow as stuffed toys. They were both, and much... Read More

Book Review

Lipstick and the Leash

by Pamela Harris Kaiser

For over twenty years, trainer Camilla Gray-Nelson has been responding to calls from frustrated dog owners who could not control their pets. “It was usually women who sought my help because they were overwhelmed by the family dog,”... Read More

Book Review

Follow the Dog Home

by Brittany Dowdle

If it were up to the Walsh family, man’s best friend would more correctly be called family’s best friend. In "Follow the Dog Home", the love of dogs brings together three generations of the Walsh family, as father Bob, son Kevin, and... Read More

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