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Book Review

Gunflint Burning

by Kristine Morris

May 5, 2007, was a day like any other in Steve Posniak’s beloved Boundary Waters, except for one thing: the weather. Low humidity, higher-than-normal daytime temperatures, and robust winds made the area ripe for wildfires. Not the most... Read More

Book Review

The Ashokan Way

by Kristine Morris

Gail Straub’s contemplative walks along the Ashokan Reservoir, nestled among the Catskill Mountains, are chronicled in thirty-six poignant and heartfelt essays that are a feast for the senses. As the seasons change, moving through... Read More

Book Review


by Peter Dabbene

In this exceptional book, hard science is boiled down to its essence and put into context through outstanding visuals. Ted Rechlin provides an informative and beautifully illustrated history of sharks in his graphic novel Sharks: A 400... Read More

Book Review

Far from Land

by Matt Sutherland

Just where and how life began on earth is uncertain—deep sea vents, tide pools, and hot springs all provide rational explanations—but water was certainly involved, and as single-cell organisms gave way to more complex forms of life,... Read More

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

"Bakeland", the first cookbook from photographer and graphic designer Marit Hovland, is full of creative and impressively detailed sweet treats that provide a “tasty trip through an entire year of Norwegian nature.” Arranged by... Read More

Book Review

Bears Ears

by Rachel Jagareski

Bears Ears National Monument has been in the news of late as the Trump administration sought to dramatically scale back its protected acreage. Bears Ears: Views from a Sacred Land is a visual and literary introduction to this singular... Read More

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