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Book Review

Casting Onward

by Kristen Rabe

"Casting Onward" is Steve Ramirez’s insightful, entertaining account of his fly fishing trips to scenic waterways across the US. It includes advice from expert anglers and an impassioned plea for conservation. After he left behind a... Read More

Book Review

Blue Zeus

by Karen Rigby

"Blue Zeus" is a convincing, beautiful photography book that reveals the necessity of conserving wild horses. Wild horse advocate Carol J. Walker’s striking photography collection "Blue Zeus" tells the story of a Blue roan and his herd... Read More

Book Review

Woman, Watching

by Kristine Morris

"Woman, Watching" is Merilyn Simonds’s account of the remarkable life and legacy of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, the amateur ornithologist and author who has been called “the Canadian Rachel Carson.” Born into Sweden’s landed... Read More

Book Review

Power in the Wild

by Rebecca Foster

In "Power in the Wild", animal behaviorist Lee Alan Dugatkin examines the evolution of social behavior, with a focus on struggles for power within animal societies. From ants to cuttlefish to wolves, this entertaining book surveys... Read More

Book Review

Bird Brother

by Edith Wairimu

Rodney Stotts’s heartfelt memoir reveals how he became a master falconer. To expand his drug business, Stotts needed his own apartment. But he had to prove he could afford rent first. He began working with the Earth Conservation Corps... Read More

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