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Book Review

Maximum Volume

by Rachel Jagareski

"Maximum Volume" has enormous appeal for Beatles fans, record collectors, social historians, music wonks, and indeed, anyone with ears. Kenneth Womack’s "Maximum Volume" is a lively and engaging biography of Beatles producer George... Read More

Book Review

My Riot

by Jeff Fleischer

Miret’s memorable, affecting stories capture an important time in the hardcore music scene. Agnostic Front was an important part of the New York hardcore music scene of the 1980s, and, as the band’s lead singer, Roger Miret lived... Read More

Book Review

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

by Matt Sutherland

With Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, the explosive year of 1967 got the album it deserved—delivered from a band desperate to replace its mop-top-boys persona with that of artists-basking-in-the-glow-of-psychedelia. Described as a... Read More

Book Review

Vinyl Freak

by Amanda McCorquodale

This celebration of vinyl speaks to the transience of pop culture and its intersection with everyday lives. For twelve years, music critic, curator, and collector John Corbett immortalized records that never made it as CDs, in his... Read More

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