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Book Review

Mirror in the Sky

by Mari Carlson

In "Mirror in the Sky", Simon Morrison traces the development of Stevie Nicks’s artistic persona via a perusal of her music. After a brief outline of Nicks’s early life in the American West, the book follows her artistic development,... Read More

Book Review

That's Music

by Eileen Gonzalez

A fun celebration of music’s reach and importance, That’s Music is a handy reference guide to twentieth-century American artists and tunes. Hal Bird’s reference book That’s Music chronicles the rise of popular music in the United... Read More

Book Review

Why Patti Smith Matters

by Jeff Fleischer

Veteran music journalist Caryn Rose became an instant Patti Smith fan at the age of twelve, when she saw Smith appear on Saturday Night Live. Her book "Why Patti Smith Matters" brings that fan enthusiasm to bear, resulting in an... Read More

Book Review

The Dylan Tapes

by Jeff Fleischer

In 1971, Anthony Scaduto’s Bob Dylan became the first investigative biography of the greatest modern songwriter, examining his formative years in the New York folk scene and the evolution of his musical style and persona. Scaduto... Read More

Book Review

Punks in Peoria

by Joseph S. Pete

"Punks in Peoria" pays unabashed, joyful homage to the punk rock scene in an average Rust Belt town. Charting the rise of punk bands in the music market between Chicago and St. Louis, where many young people felt dissatisfied with their... Read More

Book Review


by Rachel Jagareski

British filmmaker, photographer, and magazine founder Rankin opens his vast archives to reflect on some of the best musician portraits from his three-decade career. "Play" is the operative word here: musicians play music, and play with... Read More

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