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Book Review

Punk Elegies

by Anna Call

Sometimes dizzying but always exciting, this punk memoir is a microcosm of a musical moment. A memoir of chaos, punk rock, and drugs, "Punk Elegies" by Allan MacDonell delivers an experience without a message. MacDonell, punk rock... Read More

Book Review

Mingus Speaks

by Jack Shakely

From mercurial to mentally unstable, interviews highlight legendary composer’s Vesuvian stream-of-consciousness conversation. James Joyce’s mastery of the written word might have an equal in Charles Mingus’s skill with... Read More

Book Review

The 'Ukulele

by Oline Eaton

Thanks to its small size and distinctive sound, the ‘ukulele has been lampooned in everything from literature and film to comic strips. But Jim Tranquada and John King hope to change the instrument’s image by exploring its legacy in... Read More

Book Review

Pop When the World Falls Apart

by Karl Helicher

Much like rock in earlier decades, punk, heavy metal, hip-hop, and other contemporary music genres channel public rage resulting from uncontrollable social and economic disruptions. Eric Weisbard has organized the Experience Music... Read More

Book Review

Music From the True Vine

by Edward Morris

To a large segment of Americans, the Seegers have been as culturally important as the Gershwins—and there were more of them. In fact, two of that artistically fecund tribe were still producing music as of last October. The most famous... Read More

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