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Book Review

Winter Stars

by Melissa Wuske

Compelling in sharing admiration for the women in his life, Iverson’s monumental memoir about assuming a caregiver’s role is marked by complexity, love, and humor. Journalist Dave Iverson’s memoir "Winter Stars" is about caring for... Read More

Book Review

Mosaic Heart

by Kristine Morris

Conveying hope, the memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about facing fear and discovering one’s true self. Donna Mazzitelli’s memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about how facing cancer transformed her life. Mazzitelli was encouraged to undertake an art... Read More

Book Review

Thirty-Three Years

by Matt Benzing

The informative memoir "Thirty-Three Years" rides along through a veteran officer’s long career in law enforcement. Rob G. Rothwell’s often engrossing memoir "Thirty-Three Years" is about his law enforcement career in British... Read More

Book Review

Cotton Teeth

by Brandee Gruener

"Cotton Teeth" is a memoir that holds its audience in thrall by applying humor and style to its stories of endurance. Told with a comic’s dark wit, Glenn Rockowitz’s "Cotton Teeth" is an unsettling, unsparing memoir about the ravages... Read More

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