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Book Review

Man in the Arena

by Joseph Beyer

Winding toward the present and giving credit to those who were sources of inspiration along the way, the business memoir "Man in the Arena" shares its stories with gusto and pride. Dedicated to his father, entrepreneur David Michael... Read More

Book Review

Soul of a Professor

by Mari Carlson

"Soul of a Professor" is an inspiring memoir about a lengthy search for a higher calling. Lisa A. Pruitt’s calibrated memoir "Soul of a Professor" concerns how work once undermined her sense of self-worth. Pruitt grew up in New England... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Sisters

by Michele Sharpe

"Accidental Sisters" is a tender memoir about adoption and about love within families, both biological and not. In "Accidental Sisters", Katherine Linn Caire’s uplifting memoir about finding her sister in middle age, coincidence and... Read More

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