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Book Review

Engineering a Life

by Nancy Walker

Particularly enthralling are Bedi’s accounts of Indian culture and traditions, while his commentaries on American life, education, and politics are insightful and instructive. Krishan Bedi’s engaging memoir, "Engineering a Life",... Read More

Book Review


by Melissa Wuske

The narrative is clear-sighted, open, and honest; as it traces Davidson’s transformation, it becomes inspiring. "Mastership" by Lorne Davidson is a memoir about overcoming financial failure and finding success through martial arts.... Read More

Book Review


by Katie Asher

Written with clarity, experimentation, and obvious joy, "Murmurings" is inspirational, full of tiny flashes of simple beauty. Howard Giskin’s "Murmurings" is a hauntingly beautiful compilation. It includes poems, musings on the... Read More

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