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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

A series of serendipitous events, a generous mentor, and lots of hard work made it possible for young Liz Clark to fulfill her childhood dream of sailing and surfing around the world. But sailing "Swell" out of San Diego and watching her... Read More

Book Review

White Eskimo

by Lee Polevoi

Those enthralled by tales of Polar expeditions will find much to celebrate in this thrilling and well-paced biography. Unlike more famous Polar explorers like Robert Peary, Robert Falcon Scott, and Roald Amundsen, there’s been no... Read More

Book Review

Andy’s Story

by Jason Henninger

This intelligent, resourceful globe-trotting Welshman really has had quite a ride. In many ways, R. A. Lang has lived an ordinary enough life, full of drinks with friends, business troubles and successes, and health and relationship... Read More

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