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Book Review

Eyes of the Sage

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Harrowing, tension-filled action scenes initiate empathy for the main character, making for an exciting, page-turning read. In the tradition of Indiana Jones, an excursion into the Arabian Peninsula turns into a mystical encounter with... Read More

Book Review

Hazelet's Journal

by Mark McLaughlin

Step aside, Jack London, and make room at the bar for George Cheever Hazelet. John Clark’s marvelous edit of the journals his great-grandfather penned during the Alaskan Gold Rush are every bit as exciting and authentic as what the... Read More

Book Review

The Expedition

by Joe Taylor

Jason Lewis’s account of the first leg of his human-powered trip around the world, from London to Pueblo, Colorado, is filled with mishaps and faulty planning. On one pre-excursion photo-op—to show off the pedal-powered boat that... Read More

Book Review

Snutt the Ift

Snutt voyages to a distant planet to discover what he can—wonderful tuffetills, blossibums, and flewimols—only to find that he’s terribly lonely away from home. When he eventually meets a Waft, with whom he can share his beautiful... Read More

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