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Book Review

Five Hundred Poor

by Meg Nola

Noah Milligan’s collection of short stories, "Five Hundred Poor", takes its inspiration from a quote by economist Adam Smith, in which he wrote that for every rich man, there are five hundred poor ones who are frustrated by their own... Read More

Book Review

Trip Wires

by Katie Asher

Sandra Hunter’s "Trip Wires" is a collection of short stories about the horrors of war, refugee experiences, privilege, and racism. Narrated by children and young adults, each story has themes of profound human connection, love, and... Read More

Book Review

Two Moons

by Matt Grant

Krystal A. Smith’s "Two Moons" is an imaginative and whimsical collection of speculative short stories focused on themes of love, loss, fertility, and redemption. Each story is more fantastical and surprising than the last. Yet no... Read More

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