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Book Review


by Claire Foster

A curse is a wish gone sour, twisted sideways, and stuck into the softest spots. Titan’s "Cursed" collects twenty skin-crawling, tooth-grinding scary and sensuous stories and lyric poems that revive traditional fairy tales and create... Read More

Book Review

Lake Like a Mirror

by Ho Lin

Malaysian Chinese author Ho Sok Fong writes from the point of view of the dispossessed and downtrodden. Her striking short story collection "Lake Like a Mirror" unveils a lesser-known side of Malaysia, wherein minority women struggle to... Read More

Book Review

Adults and Other Children

by Ho Lin

Lies, misconceptions and self-deception are at the heart of Miriam Cohen’s funny, scathing, and touching collection "Adults and Other Children". Following the fortunes of girls as they navigate the perilous road to adulthood, Cohen’s... Read More

Book Review

Heartland Calamitous

by Kristen Rabe

In his compelling collection of stories—most only a few pages long—Michael Credico marshals bold, creative images to depict a grim Midwest dominated by slaughterhouses and fast food restaurants. While not much happens and characters... Read More

Book Review

What Goes Unseen

by Karen Rigby

In its absorbing passion for the weird and weirded out, "What Goes Unseen" is an entertaining short story collection. The seven stories of Sean Minster’s "What Goes Unseen" are inspired by philosophical speculations, folklore, and tall... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Grace" is a reflective collection whose stories move across times and circumstances to arrive somewhere real. Dan Burns’s genre-diverse short story collection "Grace" captures characters and fleeting moments while putting a twist on... Read More

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