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Book Review

The Emerald Circus

by Meagan Logsdon

For lovers of literature, Arthuriana, and fairy tales, this is a treasure trove. "The Emerald Circus" is a moving collection of stories that conveys timeless truths as it affectionately plays with traditional tales. Jane Yolen’s latest... Read More

Book Review

If I Had the Wings

by Jeff Fleischer

Klonaris uses memory and dialogue as valuable tools to convey her stories, introducing a compelling voice to short fiction. The characters in Helen Klonaris’s If I Had Wings grow up in the Greek-Bahamian neighborhoods of the Bahamas, a... Read More

Book Review

What Counts as Love

by Karen Rigby

These voices possess a fragile resilience even as they surrender themselves to fate, new knowledge, and other bodies. Adolescents and adults on the brink of critical self-awareness define "What Counts as Love", winner of the John Simmons... Read More

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