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Book Review

Love War Stories

by Karen Rigby

Ivelisse Rodriguez’s "Love War Stories" is a bold collection that marks the shortfall between romantic illusions and reality. Here, love—abusive, storied, unspoken, obsessive, or enduring—is rendered in memorable forms. Whether... Read More

Book Review

The Human Alchemy

by Peter Dabbene

"The Human Alchemy" artfully delivers creeping unease and heart-pounding scares camouflaged amid the familiar trappings of everyday life. These are stories that will haunt you more than any monster. “Psychological horror” might be an... Read More

Book Review

Love Interrupted

by Aimee Jodoin

In the South Africa of Reneilwe Malatji’s "Love Interrupted", infidelity runs rampant without consequence, mothers-in-law judge their sons’ wives mercilessly, and women find it hard to attain respect no matter their social or... Read More

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