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Book Review

Two Moons

by Matt Grant

Krystal A. Smith’s "Two Moons" is an imaginative and whimsical collection of speculative short stories focused on themes of love, loss, fertility, and redemption. Each story is more fantastical and surprising than the last. Yet no... Read More

Book Review

Go Home!

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

"Go Home!" is a capacious anthology that explores the concept of “home.” Its pieces come from both established and emerging writers of the Asian diaspora, and exist as “a door to step through.” Whether that door leads one closer... Read More

Book Review


by Gregory A. Lowe

Raising difficult questions of morality, this slice-of-life narrative is as heartfelt as it is entertaining. Scott Semegran’s "Boys" collects trio of fascinating stories that follow a young man in three very different stages of his... Read More

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