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Book Review

A Dangerous Proposition

by Hannah Williams

The narrative fruitfully conveys the pain and suffering that too many women experience in the shadows. Donna Harris Harrison’s "A Dangerous Proposition" is poignant, disturbing, exciting, and emotionally riveting as it takes on themes... Read More

Book Review


by Susan Waggoner

"McDowell" is a moral tale with a touch of modern ambiguity. William H. Coles’s "McDowell" draws from headline issues and a contemporary American setting to tell an unabashedly allegorical tale. Prominent physician Hiram McDowell has... Read More

Book Review

Time Next

by Hannah Hohman

Mina returns in "Time Next", the harrowing second installment in the Time Zero trilogy. Mina has just escaped her life as a Propheteer. If there’s anything her time as a rebel taught her, it’s to trust no one. Those who wish her harm... Read More

Book Review

The Last Wave

by Meagan Logsdon

In Gillian Best’s "The Last Wave", raw human emotion teems just underneath the lapping surface of modern English life. After accidentally falling into the sea while fishing with her father, Martha begins a lifelong romance with the... Read More

Book Review

The Lemonade Year

by Claire Foster

Sweet and tangy, "The Lemonade Year" is a lighthearted romance that takes on heavy issues like divorce, miscarriage, and family dysfunction. Food photographer Nina Griffin is pretty sure that life after divorce is just the pits.... Read More

Book Review

Nothing Forgotten

by Rebecca Hussey

In Jessica Levine’s absorbing and entertaining "Nothing Forgotten", a middle-aged woman’s past intrudes upon her present, despite all of her efforts to leave it behind. Anna Stark leads a calm, seemingly happy life in California. She... Read More

Book Review

Duty Bound

by Charlene Oldham

"Duty Bound" is an emotionally affecting novel that delves into the lasting consequences of combat. Bob Larrañaga’s engaging novel "Duty Bound" captures the essence of the battles that many wounded warriors fight long after their... Read More

Book Review


by Felicia Topp

"Landslide" is a hopeful and sympathetic story about friendship, loss, and growing up. Melissa Leet’s "Landslide" is the moving story of two childhood friends, Jill and Susie. The narrative follows Jill as she navigates the trials of... Read More

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