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Book Review

The Heart of War

by Laura Leavitt

"The Heart of War" by national policy veteran Kathleen McInnis is part office drama, part foible-filled romp through the US’s military bureaucracy. When Dr. Heather Reilly arrives at the Pentagon to work as an academic fellow, she... Read More

Book Review

Nukunu College

by Rebecca Monterusso

In the young adult drama of "Nukunu College", relationships are tested, lines are crossed, and nothing is off-limits. In Z. D. Boxall’s juicy tale of love and war, "Nukunu College", a girl who just wants to avoid drama is followed by... Read More

Book Review

Charlie's Kid

by Mari Carlson

Honest and unvarnished, Charlie’s Kid is a story in the best sense of the word, pulsing with lessons born from difficult experiences and told out of love, not for glory. From sea to shining sea, and from crushing to smile-inducing,... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Encounters

by Drema Drudge

Tender takes on brotherhood and meditations on fate enliven this political thriller. Coincidences and the bonds of brotherly love direct George Friesen’s political thriller, "Accidental Encounters". The Bigelow brothers, Dave and Bob,... Read More

Book Review

Duty to Warn

by John M. Murray

Sara Kersting’s "Duty to Warn" is a finely tuned, suspenseful chase story. Psychologist David Malden has been working with a patient, Robert Percy, during his off hours. When Percy suddenly returns to rural Michigan, Malden fears the... Read More

Book Review

The Pretenders

by Philip J. Kowalski

In the realistic novel "The Pretenders", the workplace overshadows the personal. Leland J. Katz’s contemporary autobiographical novel "The Pretenders" is a professional coming-of-age story that follows Joel Kramer through the ups and... Read More

Book Review

A Midsummer Madness

by John M. Murray

"A Midsummer Madness" is a compelling and heartfelt baseball dramedy that doubles as a tribute to Shakespeare. Guy Franks’s "A Midsummer Madness" adapts Shakespearean themes to tell an engaging ensemble story about love, life, and... Read More

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