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Forest Tales from Far and Wide

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Here are seven stories from seven countries, each one short enough to read to a child ages 5 and up, in 10 minutes. In the first story, written by the author, a bird is laid low by pride, but rises again after a dousing of humility. “Bohrah the Kangaroo” is a traditional folk tale from Australia that explains why kangaroos walk on only two legs. And the Filipino tale, “Turtle and Monkey Share a Tree,” is a delightful mix of botany and psychology: when to try again, when to give up and what end of the plant grows in the ground. The illustrations vary in style from story to story and depict all the major points, making them easy to point to when reading aloud. These stories are short and simple enough that you could even ask the child to retell the story to you at bedtime! Includes a source reference.

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