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Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

A witch and the son of gods are drawn together in this exciting young adult fantasy novel.

Demons, by Ednah Walters, begins the entertaining story of a young witch and the son of gods who must discover who they are, what role they play in magical realms, and what they mean to each other.

Celestia is a young witch who spontaneously astral-projects to places where people are in need of her assistance. When she finds herself in a dungeon room with an angry young man who is being held against his will, she is compelled to help him, though Eirik, the young man in question, makes it very clear that her assistance is unneeded and unwanted.

Celestia discovers that the dungeon is not in an ordinary location. Eirik is in Hel, an afterlife dimension that is ruled by a goddess of the same name. Eirik is Hel’s son, and Hel is holding him prisoner until he can demonstrate godly powers he does not even know that he has. As Celestia and Eirik begin to work together to free Eirik and return Celestia to her home and her body, they find themselves drawn to one another on a level neither expected.

The book is very well written. Description and dialogue flow smoothly. The plot is complicated, drawing on characters and events from previous books in the Runes series, but it is easy to follow. The author includes explanations where necessary without slowing down the pace of the story.

The relationship between Eirik and Celestia is compelling. The narrative switches between the two characters’ perspectives, allowing for better understanding of their individual motivations and mindsets. As their relationship develops, this understanding creates a desire to see them happy and successful with their goals.

The story draws heavily on Norse mythology, incorporating gods, Valkyries, and giants. The detailed nature of these presentations will be appreciated by mythology buffs, as when a giant explains some of the different types of giants to Celestia: “The gods and the Mortals came from a Jotun. Alfadir and some of the major gods have mothers and grandmothers who are Jotnar. We are more magical and powerful than the gods.” The opportunity to learn more about Norse mythology while reading a young adult romance novel is exciting and fun.

Demons is the first of three books to tell Eirik and Celestia’s story. The book has well-developed characters, fascinating mythological references, and a satisfying plotline. Young adults with an interest in paranormal romance, fantasy, or mythology will find this to be a thoroughly satisfying read.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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