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Death on Windmill Way

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Death on Windmill Way is an entertaining mystery that will keep audiences guessing right up until the end.

Carrie Doyle’s Death on Windmill Way is a fast-paced, cozy mystery story set within the well-heeled confines of East Hampton, New York. Despite its reputation for class and sophistication, the East Hampton in this book is alive with secrets, intrigue, and murder.

After relocating from California following a bitter divorce, Antonia Bingham not only buys the Windmill Inn, a local fixture in East Hampton, but also opens up a new restaurant in the inn itself. Unfortunately, Antonia’s Internet research didn’t tell her anything about the Windmill Inn’s curse. According to the locals, anybody who owns the inn is likely to wind up dying a suspicious death. “Snoopy,” Antonia’s nickname for her inquisitive alter ego, begins investigating after others point out some inconsistencies in the official report of the previous owner’s death.

Though it is a fun, mostly lighthearted read, Death on Windmill Way nevertheless centers itself around a very complex mystery. Doyle’s writing is enjoyably unadorned, although, when necessary, she does go into detail about certain personages (the boorish newspaper editor Larry Lipper is described as “profoundly diminutive” with “eyes bordering on beady”). Of course, Antonia is the star of the show. A self-proclaimed “foodie” with a fondness for Crocs and board games, Antonia is a relatable protagonist with a backstory involving an abusive ex-husband that solidifies her quiet toughness.

Death on Windmill Way suffers from too many two-dimensional characters, however. For instance, the blond Barbie is as shallow and plastic as her namesake. Likewise, the novel’s adherence to the classic mystery formula makes certain moments, such as the grand reveal of the killer’s identity, predictable.

Speaking of the killer’s reveal, Death on Windmill Way certainly succeeds by suspensefully offering up numerous possible suspects, many of whom seem like the killing type. Furthermore, the culprit neatly fits into the “I never saw it coming” category, yet when the killer’s motivation is revealed, it is disappointedly pedestrian.

Death on Windmill Way is entertaining mystery that will keep audiences guessing right up until the end, when the killer’s mask finally drops. Some may thumb through the previous pages to look for all the clues they missed. Fans of the mystery genre are likely to enjoy this easy-to-read novel, while even nominal fans of murder stories can find a lot to like in Death on Windmill Way.

Reviewed by Benjamin Welton

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