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February 2015

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published February 2015.

Book Review


by Carol Davala

Pearl’s subtle voice and demeanor command this narrative venture, whether from the darkness of a burial tomb or the tranquil view from a lakeside retreat. In Brian Kindall’s imaginative and artful fantasy "Pearl", a young girl carved... Read More

Book Review

The Crossroads of Space and Time

by CJ Triplett

"The Crossroads of Space and Time" contains a wealth of ideas and characters that work toward an engaging sci-fi opera. "The Crossroads of Space and Time" emulates the characters, setting, and action of classic works of science fiction.... Read More

Book Review

Crash Lane News

by James Burt

"Crash Lane News" is an unquestionable bible for those hitting the road, a lifesaver packed in the glove box. Right off the bat, "Crash Lane News" declares itself a self-help book. On today’s highways, travelers have to be aware of... Read More

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