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May 23, 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 23, 2012. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in May 2012.

Book Review

A Broken Sausage Grinder

by John Senger

This discourse on the United States’ flawed political system is clear, concise, well organized, and engagingly written. In an office of the United States House of Representatives, there was a sign that said: “Law and sausage are... Read More

Book Review

Ask Tammy Manners

by Sheila M. Trask

With glossy blond locks piled high and a floral party frock tailored to perfection, Miss Tammy Manners is more than ready to answer questions on society’s most urgent etiquette issues. Do you need to know how to make your thank-you... Read More

Book Review

Secrets Unraveled

by Jill Allen

Most people take pains to avoid illness. For Andrea Avigal, purposefully injuring herself and making herself sick provided a respite from the horrific homelife of her childhood. Raped, demeaned, and beaten by her father, she grew up... Read More

Book Review

The Silent Partner

by Elizabeth Breau

Homer, a disgraced angel, has only seven days to publish a book that will prevent humanity from destroying itself. To do this, she must somehow convince its author, Tom Summers, to rewrite his toxic last chapter to provide humanity with... Read More

Book Review

Teachers of Wisdom

by Patty Sutherland

"Teachers of Wisdom", an award-winning book of biographies, commentary, and quotes, with an excellent preface, introduction, and appendix, was first published in Slovenian in 2007. Notwithstanding its poor cover art and minor... Read More