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April 2012

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2012.

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Book Review

The Dark Horde

by Mark McLaughlin

“A bleeding, burning, mutilated machine of merciless destruction” can ruin anyone’s day, as a character named Henry discovers in this novel by Andrew Drage (a.k.a. Brewin). In The Dark Horde, the constables, students, and other... Read More

Book Review

The Bleiberg Project

by J. G. Stinson

In David Khara’s "The Bleiberg Project", Wall Street hotshot trader and millionaire Jeremy Novacek is descending into a very dark emotional hole despite his worldly gains. His father’s abandonment when Jeremy was a boy continues... Read More

Book Review

Sauce of Life

by Shoilee Khan

"Sauce of Life" is a family saga set in 1930s British Malaya, where Lai Pek, a middle-aged Chinese businessman, leads a prosperous life with his wife and five children. Pleased with his hard-earned accomplishments and certain of his... Read More

Book Review


by Laura Munion

“We need a universal language … A universal language cannot be made by spreading one of the current languages … It can properly be established with only a new language, unconnected with any particular nation.” Tan Kheng Yeang has... Read More

Book Review


by Julia Ann Charpentier

In Brenda G. Wright’s debut novel, Angel: A Hustling Diva with a Twist, her protagonist is a woman trained from childhood to be an assassin. Angel has never known a normal existence. She learns to do what those around her, especially... Read More

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