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July 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published July 2010.

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Book Review

Torn from Our Midst

by Patty Comeau

It is evident that editors Brenda A. Anderson, Wendee Kubik, and Mary Rucklos Hampton took a great deal of care in compiling and editing Torn from Our Midst: Voices of Grief, Healing and Action from the Missing Indigenous Women... Read More

Book Review

Gant the Ant

by Catherine Thureson

Martin, the Minstrel Ant, travels the world to share his music with other ants. On the day that he goes to the mound at the end of the wheat field, the worker ants have gathered and are very excited. One small ant makes a special... Read More

Book Review

The Animal's Bible

by Marlene Y. Satter

Animal lovers often wonder about the use of biblical quotations to justify the many ways in which people fail to be kind: confining animals in zoos and factory farms, beating or starving them, hunting, fishing, holding cockfights or... Read More

Book Review

I Came Out For This?

by Kristine Morris

Lisa Gitlin’s story of first love has all the passion, drama, and roller-coaster ups and downs that most writings on the topic have, but with a difference—Gitlin’s heroine, Joanna Kane, is a Jewish lesbian writer who in her own... Read More

Book Review

Thunder Over Kandahar

by Karen Rigby

The literature of war has long included works that resonate with teenagers, from Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage to Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl. Adding to such a beloved canon would be a tough feat, but setting... Read More

Book Review

American Supper

by Margaret Cullison

No matter what topic poets may choose to write about, their poems are rooted in the intuitions and emotions of their inner selves. Readers identify with some poems more than others, because they find their own internal intimations... Read More

Book Review

Pants on Fire

by Gary Presley

Readers who follow economic news may be dismayed that Paul Christopherson used part of a juvenile rhyme to title such an insightful, intelligent, and important book. In "Pants on Fire", the author’s critique of US economic affairs is... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

Treasures: Gold, Oil and Wives tells the compelling historical tale of Thomas Chatfield, a sixteen-year-old boy from Cornwall, New York, who is discontent with his lot in life. Thomas works at a cotton mill and is a younger son in a... Read More

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