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May 2010

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published May 2010.

Book Review

Well of Living Water

by Edith Wairimu

"Well of Living Water" is a creative, thoughtful approach to the acts and teachings of Jesus. Sonia Coldicutt’s "Well of Living Water" is an imaginative exploration of the gospels that applies their messages to modern life. The work... Read More

Book Review

The Helium Egg

by Aimee Jodoin

Surprising and strange, "The Helium Egg" is a colorful picture book whose suspense leads somewhere unexpected. E. Dorinda Shelley and Eleanor A. Hutton’s boldly colorful picture book "The Helium Egg" shows how a community of farm... Read More

Book Review

My Other Women

by Shoilee Khan

In the 1960s, Toronto is a city on the edge of a theatre-driven revolution. With boundary-breaking plays testing the limits of audience expectation, young actress Andrea Dermot steps into this burning new landscape determined to find a... Read More

Book Review

Art With Anything

by Angela Leeper

Fancy brushes, paints, and papers aren’t needed to make art memorable. Stressing “the process of art” rather than the product, Kohl gives teachers, parents, day care providers, and others who work with children ages 4-10 fabulous... Read More

Book Review


by Patty Comeau

With "Wanderlust", the masters in art book production at Porcupine’s Quill have trained a spotlight on another talented craftsperson. In this third in their series of wordless novels edited by the notable George A. Walker,... Read More

Book Review

Traveling Blind

by Patty Comeau

Susan Krieger’s insightful new memoir, "Traveling Blind", is a gentle interrogation into the borderlands of sight. Here, readers will find questions often left unasked courageously answered—and many new paths of query opened.... Read More

Book Review

Swallow Safely

by Elizabeth Breau

Swallowing is a four-step process that usually happens without conscious thought or deliberate physical effort, even though most people swallow approximately six hundred times a day. More than ten individual body parts are involved in... Read More

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