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November 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2009.

Book Review

Jem and the War

by Cheryl Hibbard

English author Gordon Thynne lived in the West Riding of Yorkshire for a few short years during his youth. Those years were so memorable that he has drawn upon them in writing his first novel, "Jem and the War". World War II started... Read More

Book Review

Welcome to Canada

by Monica Carter

Understated and poignant, David Carpenter’s Welcome to Canada: Stories collects a number of flawed and beautiful characters who illuminate the fragility of human nature. The isolation, unpredictability, and grace of the Canadian... Read More

Book Review

What A Woman Wants

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

What a Woman Wants begins with a broken engagement. Dismayed by the inability of the men in her life to fully commit, Julia Se Pat embarks on a journey of the heart and finds herself on a constant search for love and answers. While... Read More

Book Review

Spirit of the Badge

by Jill Allen

The men and women in blue rely on more than the letter of the law and the facts of the case when they protect and serve. They receive aid from God, dreams, signs, and symbols. But like the rest of us, officers can also experience... Read More

Book Review

Making It Right

by Elizabeth Breau

Imagining the auto paint business as a pizza chain that guarantees one hundred mini-slices of pepperoni per pizza but provides diners with as few as sixty-five, these two volumes—Technical Guide for auto industry professionals and a... Read More

Book Review

I Do Not Apologize for the Length of This Letter

This collection of Mari Sandoz’s correspondence, introduced and edited by Kimberli A. Lee, is the closest most will come to sitting with the writer and historian, listening to her talk about that which mattered most to her: historical... Read More

Book Review

Chocolate Kisses

by Margaret Cullison

Love has confounded humans through the ages. Since the second millennium B.C., men and women have attempted to express their feelings by writing poems to the muse of love. Relatively few of these poems have endured through time, but all... Read More

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