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January 15, 2009

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published January 15, 2009. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in January 2009.

Book Review

The Secret Peace

by Michael Beeman

The world as we know it is ending: Terrorist attacks are on the rise, our natural resources are nearly depleted, and the financial institutions protecting our money have been revealed as little better than incompetent. But according to... Read More

Book Review

A Thousand Autumns

by Katerie Prior

Based on Southerland’s own experiences during the war, A Thousand Autumns continues the tales of Gabe McCarthy, a gifted medic serving in a Special Forces unit during the conflict in Vietnam. His training and intuitive healing... Read More

Book Review

Frank Corrigan's Dominoes

by Claire Rudy Foster

Part crime investigation, part snuff film, Frank Corrigan’s Dominoes borrows from the monolithic themes of great detective novels. Broken homes, abuse of all kinds, tough cops, heartless murderers, Irish roughnecks, and wisecracking... Read More

Book Review

The Detective Girl

by Lisa Bower

One of the greatest criticisms of poetry is that it’s inaccessible and hard to understand. Bill Tibbitts’ collection, The Detective Girl, is the cure-all antidote for metrophobic folks. This collection is one part poetry, one part... Read More

Book Review

Human Nature

by Barry Silverstein

“Human nature is a major part of leadership success but is often glossed over in books on leadership,” J. E. Gilchrist writes. He explains that people can—and should—learn from each other’s mistakes. “Knowing how things can... Read More

Book Review

Building Wealth and Eliminating Debt

by Cindy Kryszak

People looking for basic information about how to get out of debt and start saving will find that Building Wealth and Eliminating Debt has something for the whole family. Especially noteworthy is the chapter on youth consumer debt.... Read More

Book Review

An Indian Star Among Suns

by Shoilee Khan

Set in the tumultuous world of French-Indian conflict in eighteenth-century Mississippi, An Indian Star Among Suns offers a lush, richly detailed account of Natchez life. The story follows Star Eyes, a young and vibrant Indian maiden as... Read More

Book Review

Madison's Avenue

by Carol Lynn Stewart

This novel has all the elements of a thrilling beach read: an attractive, competent executive; her manly but sensitive love interest; a series of suspicious deaths; a CIA-trained assassin with a personal agenda and astonishing abilities;... Read More

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