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June 2008

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 2008.

Book Review

Shackles Across Time

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Grandfather Odei…stabbed his cane at trader Quartey’s testicles, his heart, his head, and pronounced a curse…that would affect future generations of Quartey’s descendants.” This curse, made in Ghana in the dark days of the... Read More

Book Review

The Color of Hate

by Maria Siano

"The Color of Hate" chronicles the marriage of Doris and Shaun McDaniel and takes a thought-provoking look at both private and public race-related struggles. Doris and Shaun have a financially comfortable lifestyle in Atlanta. Both work... Read More

Book Review

Little Jimmy Brown

by Melissa Wuske

In "Little Jimmy Brown", James Brown shares the highs and lows of growing up in an orphanage in the 1940s. At the beginning of the book, Brown’s birth mother, Georgia, tells her own story. She falls in love with a sailor (her sisters... Read More

Book Review

Arctic Circle

Imagine trekking, bare-hooved, across 800 or more miles of the most rugged, unforgiving terrain in Alaska and the Yukon. Every year, the Porcupine herd of caribou makes just such a journey. Robert Leonard Reid, accomplished armchair... Read More

Book Review

Marlowe's Ghost

“When Christopher Marlowe awoke on the morning of May 30 1593 he was the greatest playwright England had ever known. That evening he was reported dead killed in a tavern brawl over the bill. No one knows where he is buried.” That is... Read More

Book Review

Destiny of Darkness

Alexa McKay’s first day in New York is an androphilic teenage runaway’s dream. An attractive man meets her at the airport buys her lunch and gives her a sports car and a rent-free apartment. Her real father (a god) has left a gift... Read More

Book Review

Faces I Remember

“My early life was more work than play” writes Clara Threatt Vincent the eldest child of handsome one-armed Clarence. “We worked harder than any adult did in our community but he was always complaining about us” she writes of her... Read More

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