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April 2006

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2006.

Book Review

Assasination of Passion

by Jada Bradley

"Assasination of Passion" [sic] begins with a poem presumably written by a man to a woman he has disappointed after many years together, and ends with the narrator’s commentary on the problems with our healthcare system. In between... Read More

Book Review

Making Purpose Work

Companies with it have bright futures companies without it will eventually face extinction. Franchee Harmon says the crucial construct is Purpose. Innovators who engage the component strategies of Purpose also tend to encourage more... Read More

Book Review

Once Is Never Enough

A mysterious suicide a failing detective agency a corrupt politician and a love affair form the framework for Shivers’ second suspense novel Once is Never Enough. After Chicago detective Lester Miller’s affair with the married Cara... Read More

Book Review

Cyber Lies

Marriage: A challenging rewarding state of love commitment and most important of all: trust. But what happens when one of the people in the relationship begins to stray…must the other either suffer in silent doubt or furious certain... Read More

Book Review

The Somnambulist

In "The Somnambulist" author Kirk A. Ryan combines terror and the Nazi occupancy in this tale of evil and a man haunted by the loss of his beloved daughter. From the moment Captain Martin Schumann a reluctant SS recruit reaches the gates... Read More

Book Review

The Cattle

In his 2006 novel "The Cattle" author Greg Sarwa explores the frightening possibility that Big Brother could become larger than life in the United States much sooner than we realize not only stripping citizens of their privacy but... Read More

Book Review

Sacred freedom

In this slim well-written volume Oliver presents an Islamist view of the world that should be read widely by people of all faiths for a greater understanding of Islam. Oliver has used passages from the Qur’aan to illustrate points of... Read More

Book Review

At the Farm

Farm Fun.As technology changes, learning activities do as well. Studio Mouse has released several lines of box sets with audio CDs for the tech-savvy toddler. "At the Farm", from the “Learn & Carry” line (978-1-59069-484-8),... Read More

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