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April 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published April 2003.

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Book Review

Sin Puertas Visibles

by Sandy McKinney

Forget butterflies. Forget apron strings, broken hearts, and the anomie of a perpetual teenage romanticism that many readers still expect from Hispanic women’s poetry. In her introduction to this unusual assemblage of poets, the editor... Read More

Book Review

Oddball Minnesota

by Elizabeth Millard

Because of its many, many lakes and the outdoorsy attitude of its citizenry, Minnesota tends to attract hearty travelers who look forward to a vacation rife with fishing, canoeing, hiking, and fighting mosquitoes. These visitors,... Read More

Book Review

The Day Before

by Jeff Gundy

This poet pursues something more, less, or perhaps simply other than the ordinary. These poems are always attentive to memory and filled with brisk, fully realized physical description. What sets them apart is their intensity and... Read More

Book Review

Ropes to God

“Only the strongest doctors actually see the rope of light that goes to the Big God. You cannot decide on your own that you will see this rope. The Big God must open it for you,” says a Bushman, an aboriginal of South Africa, about... Read More

Book Review

What Night Brings

“I wished Raquel would like me instead (of a boy named Ruben). The problem was … she wanted a birdy. I had a cuca. She needed a car. I had a bike. She liked teenage guys. I was eleven.” The other problem is that the narrator, Marci... Read More

Book Review

Sticking Up for Who I Am

Today’s teenagers face not only immediate peer pressures involving looks, fitting in, drugs, alcohol, and sex, they also face the difficulties of a rapidly approaching future that’s filled with worries related to unemployment,... Read More

Book Review

Climbing the Divide

by Jeff Gundy

Over a long, illustrious career the author has practiced and nearly perfected what might be called a Texas plain style. Without fuss or pyrotechnics, his poems draw readers into a life both unexceptional and extraordinary, made so by the... Read More