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September 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 1999.

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Book Review

Wild Britain

by Jodee Taylor

While most people tend to think of Britain as urban and developed, the author, a well-traveled British native, said the toughest part about writing a guidebook featuring nature was deciding what to leave out. In covering England,... Read More

Book Review

The Diaries of Adam & Eve

by Brandon M. Stickney

If Adam could get Eve to stop talking for just one minute, he could appreciate her beauty and fall in love with her. So opens this curious set of intertwined diaries of Earth’s first two human inhabitants as “translated” with... Read More

Book Review

While You Were Sleeping

by Sharon Flesher

This counting book has few words to mar Butler’s exquisite illustrations. In the first book that he has both written and illustrated, Butler has chosen his words well, but the value of this book comes from the paintings that are so... Read More

Book Review

A Passion for Performance

by Joyce Moore

The eighteenth century English actress Sarah Siddons has once again taken the stage. Appearing first at the Getty Museum this summer in an art exhibition of ten portraits of her in various roles, she now stars in a volume of essays... Read More

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