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September 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published September 1999.

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Book Review

The Power of Now

by Sharon Flesher

“Enlightenment” is a word so casually and frequently used these days that it is sometimes less meaningful than at other times. Thankfully, Tolle, a German-born spiritual teacher now residing in Vancouver, provides a clear definition... Read More

Book Review


by Diane Conners

Women partake of knowledge and look what happens. Eve eats the forbidden fruit. Pandora opens the box. The world comes tumbling down. From the Bible to Greek mythology, Victorian-era novels and twentieth century science fiction, Norris... Read More

Book Review

Washington's Farewell To His Officers

“Perhaps His Excellency’s (George Washington’s) was indeed a charmed and divinely protected life, as many of his soldiers believed … .” During the French and Indian war he had been shot at point blank and missed and during the... Read More

Book Review

Hemingway vs. Fitzgerald

by Marjory Raymer

As best friends and best rivals, conflict defined this epic friendship. Donaldson records their relationship with timeline precision, acute insight and flowing excerpts from the men’s personal and public writings. The detail sparks... Read More

Book Review

The Pastoral Nature of Theology

by Linda Wilson

This book explores the way in which the historical and cultural setting of theology has a seminal influence on its nature. We will see how theology always has and still does arise out of pastoral concern. In doing so, we will challenge... Read More

Book Review

Things and Flesh

Gregg’s new book is fresh and fearless in that she writes beautiful and unabashedly spiritual poems that are free of the didactic, doctrinal or pretentious. Hers is a spirituality laced with silence and reflection but articulate of a... Read More

Book Review

A Special Delivery

by Marlene Satter

A daughter in New Zealand and a mother in New England—and a generation’s difference in outlook on pregnancy and marriage—are only part of the appeal of this book of letters written by mother Joyce and daughter Elizabeth during... Read More

Book Review

Keeping Food Fresh

by Diane Conners

In a world where some newspaper editors actually have the gall to feature the newest Twinkie-like processed “foods” on their food pages, this book is a relief. It is infused with the spirit of growing or buying food locally with... Read More

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