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Book Review

The Vote Collectors

by Jeff Fleischer

While false claims of voter fraud have become common in recent years, the 2018 congressional midterm for North Carolina’s Ninth District featured the rare case of actual fraud, with illegal ballots from rural Bladen County causing the... Read More

Book Review

Mud Sweeter than Honey

by Erika Harlitz Kern

Personal testimonials reveal the lived truths of communist Albania in Margo Rejmer’s oral history book "Mud Sweeter than Honey". Of the communist states in Europe after World War II, Albania is less discussed. It was cut off from the... Read More

Book Review

The Ghost Dancers

by Eileen Gonzalez

Written thirty years ago and now published posthumously, Adrian C. Louis’s novel "The Ghost Dancers" is about the violence that enables a father-son reunion. The Wilson family descends from a powerful medicine man, but the glory of the... Read More

Book Review

Seasons Between Us

by Kristen Rabe

The dazzling speculative fiction anthology "Seasons Between Us" features a range of distinct and powerful voices. These stories imagine parallel worlds in which different rules apply, animated by androids, aliens, selkies, and dryads.... Read More

Book Review

Paradise, Nevada

by Robert Ham

Dario Diofebi’s novel "Paradise, Nevada" is as sprawling and colorful as its setting: the Las Vegas Strip, a four-mile-long cluster of hotels and casinos that attracts millions of tourists and gamblers from around the world. The main... Read More

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