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Book Review

Gaslight Lawyers

by Lillian Brown

The true allure of the book is in its artfully chosen details, taken from sources ranging from court transcripts to personal memoirs. Richard H. Underwood’s "Gaslight Lawyers" is an intriguing collection of stories profiling some of... Read More

Book Review

UFOs, Chemtrails, and Aliens

by Rachel Jagareski

This entertaining study reveals a public fascinated with the unverifiable. Even for those who don’t believe the hokum, aliens and UFOs are a source of fascination—explored through speculative fiction, sci-fi flicks, and television... Read More

Book Review

Rare Birds

by Jeff Fleischer

Lazy summer days are captured in this small-town, gently elegant novel. Kathleen Novak’s second novel, "Rare Birds", is a lovely slice-of-life work that introduces myriad residents of a small town whose stories intersect. The entire... Read More

Book Review

No One Eats Alone

by Anna Call

Unlike many easy-fix food books touting local food as the answer, "No One Eats Alone" tackles both food and health from a systemic perspective. Its conclusions are likely to challenge eaters on all sides of the food conversation. While... Read More

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