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Book Review

Cora's Kitchen

by Randi Hacker

A Black woman rebels against racism and class, finding her voice, in Kimberly Garrett Brown’s novel Cora’s Kitchen. In 1928, Cora James is an aspiring writer who works as a librarian in New York. She is aware of the privileged... Read More

Book Review

News of the Air

by Kristen Rabe

Jill Stukenberg’s gripping, atmospheric novel captures the restless moodiness of a family living in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. In a near future that’s threatened by ecological collapse, Allie and Bud flee the sirens and checkpoints of... Read More

Book Review

Café Shira

by Michael Elias

In David Ehrlich’s contemporary novel "Café Shira", a literary coffee house located in the heart of Jerusalem becomes a temple for the patrons who frequent it. There are many people who regularly spend their time in Café Shira. They... Read More

Book Review

Live Caught

by Mari Carlson

In R. Cathey Daniels’s harrowing novel "Live Caught", a young man confronts his troubled past. In the 1970s, Lenny set out for the Atlantic from his North Carolina farm. He washed up on an unrecognized shore, his boat lost. He was... Read More

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