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Book Review

Sunday out of Nowhere

by Matt Sutherland

Sit next to me, Brian Swann. Be my companion. I sense in you what’s missing from my life: a voice of reason, tranquility, unmistakable originality. The author of all manner of work—anthologies of Native American literature,... Read More

Book Review

Laurentian Divide

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Sarah Stonich’s "Laurentian Divide" continues the story of northern Minnesota’s Hatchet Inlet, a vacation town whose residents are deeply rooted in a place dependent on transience. Poised on winter’s trailing edge, everyone waits... Read More

Book Review

By the Shore

by Kristine Morris

If you’re looking for a guide to all things Pacific Northwest that’s just about perfect, this is it. Author Nancy Blakey offers a wealth of information, from a description of the exquisite “sound of silence” at the Hoh Rain... Read More

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