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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 99 pages.

Book Review

Memories, Thoughts, and Dreams

by Karen Rigby

Guy Bala’s "Memories, Thoughts, and Dreams" features twenty-eight poems celebrating common aspects of nature and grieving the end of a romantic relationship. Using symbolic elements such as seasons, flowers, beauty, and the... Read More

Book Review

Jesus Christ a Carpenter of Nazareth?

“Many dedicated spiritual Christians…think that Jesus was poor and had to work as a carpenter to make a living so they also want to stay poor work hard with their body to sweat and follow the example of Jesus” Sunny George writes.... Read More

Book Review

How to Activate Your Brain

“After decades of intensive research into one of the greatest mysteries on earth—the human brain—there is absolutely no doubt that the brain has an extraordinary ability to restore its own functions.” That the brain can be... Read More

Book Review

Trina Wants to be a Duck

by Marlene Satter

Being a duck seems a highly unlikely ambition for a talented alien and member of Chrontos a group of entities that roam the universe and step in to assist other beings in solving problems. But that’s what Trina wants and no amount of... Read More

Book Review

How the Universe Works

by Heather Shaw

Sol Weiss is Chief of Divisions of the Family Practice at Encino-Tarzana Medical Center in Los Angeles. In his spare time he’s written three books. According to the author his first book Unlocking the Secret of Life explained the... Read More