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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 78 pages.

Book Review

Just Plane Murder

by Carolina Ciucci

In the swift thriller "Just Plane Murder", the human costs of so-called financial savviness are exposed following multiple aviation disasters. Eric Kendall’s novella "Just Plane Murder" concerns the deadly consequences of corporate... Read More

Book Review

Serendipity and Craic

by Aleena Ortiz

Concerning minor and major historical arcs, the poems collected in "Serendipity and Craic" are variously knowledgeable and humorous. Alan Clegg’s religious poetry collection "Serendipity and Craic" concentrates on historical events,... Read More

Book Review

How Dams Fall

by Barry Silverstein

Will Falk’s touching ode to a major ecosystem "How Dams Fall" personifies the Colorado River. This essay-length book has a big goal: to dramatize the plight of the Colorado River in its fight against human intervention. Falk, who... Read More

Book Review

Stories from Squirrel Hill

by Karen Rigby

This elegantly designed softcover gathers timeless tales set in an idyllic setting where roaming is possible. Paul Sleman Clark’s "Stories from Squirrel Hill" gathers six lighthearted adventures for chapter book readers, using charmed... Read More

Book Review

by Mya Alexice

Cecilia Cetateanu’s atmospheric, concrete verses are comfortable in their own ambiguity, beats, and style. Cecilia Cetateanu’s rhythmic, dynamic poetry collection is atmospheric and spiritual, delving into broad, metaphysical... Read More

Book Review

Call in Well

by Edith Wairimu

The clever children’s poetry collection "Call in Well" explores its themes through creative and fun-filled lines. Timothy Orley’s disarming children’s poetry collection "Call in Well" is accentuated by delightful characters and... Read More

Book Review

Abundant Life and Loving God

by Jeff Friend

With an open, friendly tone, Wander challenges his fellow Christians to develop a deeper relationship with God. In "Abundant Life and Loving God", Greg Wander passionately challenges Christians to focus on developing a deeper... Read More

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