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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 648 pages.

Book Review

Odyssey of the Chosen

by Katie Asher

"Odyssey of the Chosen" is an engaging, multilayered, and wildly creative family saga that takes on the battle between good and evil. H. S. Theodore’s imaginative adventure "Odyssey of the Chosen" follows an unsuspecting family into... Read More

Book Review

Groundwater for the 21st Century

by Thomas BeVier

“Why learn about water?” asks the first sentence this scholarly and impassioned tome and then for more than 600 pages of dense prose—interspersed with charts, graphs, photographs, and the occasional chemical formula—John A.... Read More

Book Review

Eve's Trial

by Joseph Thompson

Albert James’ Eve’s Trial: The Curse is an interesting attempt at creating a cross-genre novel. Combining science fiction and erotica, James tells the story of Sheena, a woman mourning the loss of her daughter, and Tish, a... Read More

Book Review

Tuxedo Bob

“Any situation in life is better when experienced in formal attire.” This is the first of many statements that Tuxedo Bob has garnered from his father and taken quite literally to heart. Born to a mortician mother and the proprietor... Read More