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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 528 pages.

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Book Review

Love Songs and Monster Songs

by Michael Beeman

G.M. Holder’s ridiculously accomplished debut novel begins with a series of maps. Maps of Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and the larger territory of former Yugoslavia offer a sample of the settings in this sprawling book and prepare readers... Read More

Book Review

The Glitter Scene

by Karen Ackland

The American Girl. The Boy in the Woods. The Angel of Death. Like the refrain of a song, these phrases are repeated throughout Monika Fagerholm’s dark coming-of-age novel, "The Glitter Scene". In 2004, Johanna and the popular Ulla... Read More

Book Review

Journey into America

by Karl Helicher

With the curiosity and zeal of Alexis de Tocqueville, Akbar Ahmed and his team of assistants spent nine months, beginning in September 2008, visiting 100 mosques throughout the nation to assess what life is like for America’s six to... Read More

Book Review

In Pursuit of Longitude

by Pat Avery

Although the name Magellan brings to mind an explorer’s famous voyage, little is known about the man himself. In the book, In Pursuit of Longitude, author André Rossfelder brings Ferdinand Magellan to life as one of the world’s... Read More

Book Review

Unknown Soldiers

Surviving Soldiers:[/b] In 1943, Joseph Garland began to keep a journal describing his life as an infantry soldier during World War II. The author and his friends and fellow soldiers fought in some of the war’s bloodiest battles: Anzio... Read More

Book Review

To Catch The Lightning

by Diane Vogt

Fame, of course, is fleeting, but immortality belongs to those bold enough to chase it. At least in sheer volume of images, Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868—1952) will never be surpassed as the greatest photographer of Native Americans in... Read More

Book Review

March Upcountry

by Marlene Satter

Fans of military science fiction have undoubtedly heard variations on this one: “Join the Marines, travel to fascinating planets, meet exotic natives, and kill them.” But this book’s delivery of the line, by assorted troopers in... Read More