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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 476 pages.

Book Review

Hot Moon

by Matt Benzing

In the exciting alternate timeline of Alan Smale’s "Hot Moon": the Soviet Union beat the United States to the Moon; the Cold War went hot; the conflict spread to the Moon. This sets the foundation for a gripping tale of space warfare.... Read More

Book Review

Island of Clouds

by Amanda Adams

Harnessing the power of imagination, "Island of Clouds" is a fresh perspective in historical fiction. An intense character study set in space, Island of Clouds: The Great 1972 Venus Flyby, by Gerald Brennan, is a surreal journey through... Read More

Book Review

River Bend Chronicle

by Kai White

Ben Miller’s "River Bend Chronicle" contains 472 pages of circuitous, dense, and nonchronological essays harboring geodes of insight carried along by a cast of characters ranging from riotous to pitiful. Framing this autobiographical... Read More

Book Review

The Grey Album

by Teresa Scollon

“Tradition,” writes Kevin Young, “is not what you inherit, but what you seek, and then seek to keep.” In this book, winner of Graywolf Press’s Nonfiction Prize, Young ranges over his own cultural inheritance, exploring,... Read More

Book Review

Escaping Danger

A Polish jeweler and his wife escape Krakow as Nazis take over their country. Clever planning and quick thinking help them as they travel into the heart of Germany to catch a ship bound for America. "Escaping Danger" follows them as they... Read More

Book Review

Measuring Reality

The short stories in "Measuring Reality" recall Bradbury’s Medicine for Melancholy era as well as a Lovecraftian Gothic horror which rudely intrudes on characters living otherwise calm pedestrian lives. Carefully chosen language in... Read More

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