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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 474 pages.

Book Review

The Blue Ring Assassin

by Philip Zozzaro

With foci on retribution plots and spiritual developments, "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an emotional thriller. "The Blue Ring Assassin" is an exciting thriller about revenge, redemption, and soul searching. Following a hit-and-run... Read More

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

"Legacy" is a moving historical novel in which a multiracial woman faces a bevy of challenges. In Carolyn Westergren’s compelling historical novel "Legacy", a woman of mixed ancestry struggles to establish herself in an era that’s... Read More

Book Review

Original Syn

by Susan Waggoner

In the future of Beth Kander’s "Original Syn", singularity has been achieved, leading to two branches of humanoids: Originals, who are deprived of technological enhancement; and Syns, enhanced humans who are physically ageless and... Read More

Book Review

Requiem for the Phoenix

by Karyn Saemann

This action-packed thriller features a highly developed cast of characters. Hidden agendas are enmeshed in "Requiem for the Phoenix", Skip Allen’s intelligent political thriller. Matt and Annie Garret, undercover members of the US... Read More

Book Review

The Anglo Brambles

by Katerie Prior

A different kind of coming-to-America tale illustrates irrationality of everyday life. If you’ve ever walked in the woods, you may have seen a bramble—a shrub with prickly, thorny branches. They’re difficult to walk around (much... Read More

Book Review

Pursuit of Happiness

by Maude Adjarian

Sheldon Greene’s "Pursuit of Happiness" is a rousing, richly detailed piece of historical fiction set during the American Revolution. Equal parts adventure and romance, and teeming with colorful characters, the novel tells the story of... Read More

Book Review

Global Peace Lovers

by Jessica Higgins

While the Nobel Peace Prize can only be presented to one winner per year people understand that peace is a collaborative effort; as W.H. Auden once said “We are all here on Earth to help one another.” It is this collective spirit... Read More

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