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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 398 pages.

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Book Review

Leeching the Sirens

by Tracy Fischer

This engaging, eerie, and art-infused novel proves to be a great thriller. In this creepy thriller by author and artist T. M. Prince, an unsuspecting young college student is taken captive by a disturbed artist whose preferred medium is... Read More

Book Review

The Nesting Dolls

by Jill Allen

Parks confronts racism and immigration issues in the World War II era without mincing words. For the successive generations of Russian women in Cynthia Rogers Parks’s poignant novel, "The Nesting Dolls", repercussions of their actions... Read More

Book Review

Haverford House

by Maria Siano

This compelling and unconventional mystery is about good and evil spirits in a town full of complicated characters. "Haverford House", by Katherine Winfield, is a captivating supernatural mystery that focuses on the lives of Libby, a... Read More

Book Review

Code Name

by Gary Presley

The United States has made a mineral discovery that means energy independence for the country, but the resource is in danger of being hijacked by the Centurions, a cabal within the government. The premise of Gary L. Lucas’s Code Name... Read More

Book Review

Chocolate Chocolate Moons

by Robin Farrell Edmunds

Molly Summers is a gal who loves her chocolate. While working as a security guard at a factory where a particular candy is poisoned, the lead investigator points out that Molly had easy access to commit the crime. “Easy access but no... Read More

Book Review

Oy Vey, It's Time to Apply

by Elizabeth Breau

As the author of this amusingly titled book points out, Jewish parents have a special investment in where their children go to college. Assimilation and intermarriage are big concerns within the Jewish community, and parents who have... Read More