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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 386 pages.

Book Review

The Iron Labyrinth

by John M. Murray

"The Iron Labyrinth" is a psychological fantasy novel in which a man who’s forced to confront human nature comes to understand the price of pursuing his goals. In Merrilee Beckman’s fantasy novel "The Iron Labyrinth", a man is... Read More

Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

"Decagon" is a captivating, methodical, and action-packed urban fantasy adventure. The Angel of Death, on the run for over two hundred years, is out of time in Capes’s fantasy novel "Decagon". Dalia has walked the Dreaming and Waking... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Soulstealer" is a compelling urban fantasy novel that teems with moral quandaries. In Shane Boulware’s epic fantasy novel "Soulstealer", an ancient being attempts to amass power while his human host struggles with taking innocent... Read More

Book Review

The Rosie Result

by Katie Asher

When their son, Hudson, begins having behavioral difficulties, Rosie and Don discover what comes with a weighty autism diagnosis. In Graeme Simsion’s "The Rosie Result", ten-year-old Hudson’s struggles to make friends and tendency to... Read More

Book Review

Die Laughing

by Sasha Nanua

This thriller employs some of the classic tropes of FBI murder mysteries, delivered in a fresh way. Benjamin O’Neal’s "Die Laughing" is a fast-paced thriller that fuses classic elements of horror and suspense stories, from bloody,... Read More

Book Review

Love and Other Pranks

by Amanda Adams

A novel that can be parsed several times to uncover new meaning, "Love and Other Pranks" is a must-read. Stylish and surreal, "Love and Other Pranks" by Tony Vigorito is a wild ride through both the past and present. The novel is split... Read More

Book Review

My Father's Daughter

by Anna Call

This unflinching and honest account of a family’s struggles with cancer discusses genetic testing in revelatory ways. Using personal details and a vivid storytelling style, My Father’s Daughter by Lindy Bruzzone reveals the growth... Read More

Book Review

Prelude to Genocide

by Tracy Fischer

The loyalty of family, the gritty realities of life in times of turmoil, distrust and aching misunderstanding are all underlying themes of this engrossing read. In her powerful work of social history, Prelude to Genocide: Incident in... Read More

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