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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 371 pages.

Book Review

Little Anton

by Wendy Hinman

Little Anton: Part II: The Gift of the Lamp is a riveting novel that drives interest in the next book of this World War II espionage series. John W. Warner IV’s newly released boxed set, "Little Anton", contains Parts One, Two, and... Read More

Book Review

Grinder Hill

by Delia Stanley

Exploring themes of health, weight loss, and love, "Grinder Hill" is a romance that’s heavy with opinions. C. D. Shelton’s "Grinder Hill" follows a young man’s weight-loss journey. He navigates self-acceptance and romance while... Read More

Book Review

Ring Go Round

by Maria Siano

When Marieke, a successful woman working at World Bank Tower in Washington, D.C., decides not to board her plane home from a business trip in Brussels but instead quite spontaneously travels on to vacation briefly in Amsterdam, an... Read More

Book Review

The Hunt for Valhalla

Dr. Matthew Hensley CEO of a hot medical research company has decided to skip the Man of the Year ceremony being held in his honor. Matt “a misfit … a nonconformist a gambler and a renegade” would rather be having fun. A three-day... Read More

Book Review

A Remarkable Curiosity

A Journalist’s Sojourn:[/b] Take a pinch of Mark Twain, add a dash of Studs Terkel, and you’ll have the recipe for Amos Jay Cummings’ westward-ho dispatches for the New York Sun. Cummings was a man of his times: he was awarded the... Read More

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