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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 300 pages.

Book Review

Truth Is a Flightless Bird

by John M. Murray

In Akbar Hussain’s crime thriller "Truth Is a Flightless Bird", a man races to rescue a pregnant woman from Nairobi’s violent underworld. Nice would do anything for her unborn child, including smuggling drugs into Nairobi. Nice’s... Read More

Book Review

The Spirit Phone

by Catherine Thureson

In Arthur Shattuck O’Keefe’s mystery novel "The Spirit Phone", historical figures try to prevent an otherworldly monster from entering the human world. When Aleister Crowley teleports into the hotel suite of Nikola Tesla, it is a... Read More

Book Review

Jovian Son

by John M. Murray

In the fantastical thriller "Jovian Son", a mother faces off against an unrelenting alien family whose members hope to alter human history. In Kim Catanzarite’s thriller "Jovian Son", a mother tries to keep her son hidden from his... Read More

Book Review

All the Tiny Beauties

by Addissyn House

Set in California, Jenn Scott’s novel "All the Tiny Beauties" is a multigenerational story of love and survival. Since he was young, Webb struggled, time and again, to fill the imposed social rituals of “manliness.” Scared to be... Read More

Book Review

Off Target

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

One mistake shakes the foundations of a family in Eve Smith’s domestic thriller "Off Target". In a society where IVF is the norm, Susan and her husband have been trying to conceive the old-fashioned way for years. Susan’s husband... Read More

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