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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 300 pages.

Book Review

A Particular Madness

by Catherine Thureson

Sheldon Russell’s heartbreaking historical novel "A Particular Madness" is set in midcentury rural Oklahoma. Jacob is the second child in a poor farming family. Much of his childhood is spent in isolation. He has little interest in, or... Read More

Book Review

In Search of the Owl

by Aimee Jodoin

"In Search of the Owl" is a beautiful memoir about life’s cyclical nature, which is observed across a year of grief and healing. Jean E. Sidinger’s poignant memoir "In Search of the Owl" is about the year she spent grieving after her... Read More

Book Review

Ghosts of New York

by Karen Rigby

In Jim Lewis’s wondrous novel "Ghosts of New York", encounters among strangers result in unexpected relationships, and a montage that celebrates a city of manifold graces. Lewis’s observant, gradual stories are linked by recurrent... Read More

Book Review

Cormorant Lake

by Jaime Herndon

With a dash of magical realism, Faith Merino’s novel "Cormorant Lake" concerns the meanings and complexities of motherhood and family. When Evelyn comes home to find one of her roommate Erin’s children thrashing, alone, in her bath... Read More

Book Review

The Coral Bride

by Eileen Gonzalez

A woman’s drowning brings deadly and uncomfortable truths to the surface in Roxanne Bouchard’s "The Coral Bride". Angel, one of the only fisherwomen in the Gaspé Peninsula, goes missing just before her tenth wedding anniversary.... Read More

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