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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 26 pages.

Book Review

That's Mine!

by Michelle Anne Schingler

This board book is perfect for little ones who are just learning how to interact with others. A group of children at a day care who are used to their toys being their own now contend with the reality of sharing. It’s not easy at first... Read More

Book Review

Grandpa, I'm Afraid

by Carol Davala

Through its thoughtful dialogues, Grandpa, I’m Afraid will help chase away all those proverbial monsters from under the bed. In Mart Grams’s imaginative picture book Grandpa, I’m Afraid, a grandfather and his granddaughters explore... Read More

Book Review

Icy the Iceberg

by Anita Lock

"Icy the Iceberg" is an appealing tale for young, inquisitive minds. One snowflake makes a transformational journey in Larry Friend’s "Icy the Iceberg". The story of Icy begins near Vancouver, Canada, where he becomes a snowflake. He... Read More

Book Review

Bobby and Boo Set Sail

by Catherine Thureson

With skillful rhyme, the story naturally incorporates colors, and teaches the Chinese word for each. Kathy de Bruin’s clever rhyming picture book, "Bobby and Boo Set Sail", uses two boys, their aunt and uncle, and a day on a boat to... Read More

Book Review

Meet the Pops

by Katie Asher

"Meet the Pops" is a bright, smart picture book that engages children with important life lessons. "Meet the Pops" by Belinda Barbieri is an amusing and colorful picture book about an adorable family, the Pops, and their children’s... Read More

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