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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 26 pages.

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Book Review

In My World

by Kelly Thunstrom

A strong rhyme scheme throughout the beautifully written "In My World" makes it ideal as a read-aloud. Young children are sure to love the pages of "In My World", which are filled with imaginative text by Chuck Aardema and whimsical... Read More

Book Review

Timmy Tumbles

by Amanda McCorquodale

Any four- or five-year-old will benefit from this book’s themes of perseverance and stamina. Kids who can’t sit still will enjoy Lisa Shirley’s kinetic picture book "Timmy Tumbles". Timmy is clearly obsessed with tumbling. He... Read More

Book Review

Cherry Mouse Babies

by Kelly Thunstrom

The story and pictures work together seamlessly in this thoughtful children’s book. Christine Rotsaert’s "Cherry Mouse Babies" is an easy-to-follow story with friendly animals and unexpected characters who explore themes of love,... Read More

Book Review

Hey, Baby, Look!

by Peter Dabbene

Shannon and Owens take board books a step beyond the basics by engaging the senses and many facets of a child’s understanding. There are requirements for a quality children’s board book that must be met: bright colors, easily... Read More

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