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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 252 pages.

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Book Review

The Journey

by Edith Wairimu

Interesting and straightforward, "The Journey" encourages living a life that befits Jesus’s sacrifice. Linda Letkemann’s "The Journey" is a guide to overcoming stress and growing in the Christian faith to enjoy the life that... Read More

Book Review

Their Houses

by Karen Rigby

A foreboding tale of longing for solace ignites the rural West Virginia setting of Meredith Sue Willis’s "Their Houses". Dinah and Grace are sisters whose childhood was marked by their father’s alcoholism and their mother’s... Read More

Book Review

Protest on Trial

by Joe Taylor

Americans who were of age in 1969–70 will remember the Chicago 7 trial of high-profile antiwar dissidents. Less familiar are the Seattle 7. In Seattle, a rally in support of the Chicago 7 defendants by the activist group SLF (the... Read More

Book Review

Agnes Martin

by Jeff Fleischer

Agnes Martin got a late start in her art career, struggled with relationships at a time when she couldn’t live openly, dealt with mental illness, and still became an important figure in the art world where her work was a bridge between... Read More

Book Review

Space Adventure

by John M. Murray

This is an individual’s view of humanity’s grandiose and ambitious adventures in space, in which planets are discovered and human beings grapple with their place in the universe. An old man pens a detailed chronicle of humanity’s... Read More

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