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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 251 pages.

Book Review

The Apology Box

by Aimee Jodoin

"The Apology Box" is a poignant young adult novel about redemption, community, and moving forward after life-altering mistakes. In Naomi Ulsted’s coming-of-age novel "The Apology Box", a sixteen-year-old girl works to recover from the... Read More

Book Review

Gilded Prisons

by Karen Rigby

Set between Cuba and the US, the imaginative novel "Gilded Prisons" involves baseball, kidnapping, and a troubled marriage. Redemption is available in Linda Gould’s romance novel "Gilded Prisons", in which an athlete is kidnapped at... Read More

Book Review

Odd Woman Out

by Mari Carlson

"Odd Woman Out" is a celebratory memoir in which the underside of fame is addressed with humor and wisdom. Actress and comedian Melanie Chartoff discusses her real-life search for serious love in "Odd Woman Out". Growing up in New Haven,... Read More

Book Review

Vagabond Song

by Thomas BeVier

The metaphorical temptation is unavoidable when it comes to delivering critical judgment on Marc Beaudin’s wedding of prose and poetry in a near fanatical paean to hitchhiking, that most humble manner of travel. So here’s a thumbs... Read More

Book Review


by Lynn Evarts

Pitch-perfect dialogue and laugh-out-loud humor make this mystery a quick and breezy read. When you’re a famous obituary writer for the local newspaper, everyone’s death is on your shoulders. Cub reporter Penny Perkins is sick of... Read More

Book Review

Journey Man

by Kristine Morris

William Claassen takes readers on a journey that spans thirty years, nine countries, and four continents in his travel memoir, Journey Man: A World Calling, and though his book has an ample share of odd and outlandish characters,... Read More

Book Review


by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Andy Stone is overwhelmed. His career as a reporter is in jeopardy, he is on the cusp of a new relationship, and he learns that his much-loved mother, Sarah, is once again struggling with cancer. Everything else in Andy’s life is... Read More

Book Review

Lethal Experiment

In his third Donovan Creed novel, crime novelist John Locke once again reveals his skill at creating likeable assassins and fast-moving plots that are neatly wrapped up by the end. Lethal Experiment’s “hero,” Donovan Creed, is a... Read More

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