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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 143 pages.

Book Review

Confessions of a Love Come Undone

by Leia Menlove

Cesmi Ersoz’s "Confessions of a Love Come Undone" is not a beach read. Between the explicative title and the grim artwork of the English-language edition—an unfocused couple in a street of shadows and heavily shuttered doors—the... Read More

Book Review

Changing with Lean Six Sigma

by Barry Silverstein

Numerous books have been written about Six Sigma, a production methodology that typically results in quality improvement. Lean Six Sigma, an increasingly popular variation of Six Sigma that focuses on eliminating complexities and waste,... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

With much the same fervor as skiers equestrians are selective about their terrain. Equitrekking: Travel Adventures on Horseback (Chronicle Books 978-0-8118-6527-2) profiles dozens of first-rate travel destinations from Spain to Ireland... Read More

Book Review


by Amanda McCorquodale

Across cultures and generations individuals dread change. It is uncomfortable and disorienting and our inability to process change is perhaps what motivated Angelique Silberman to write this self-help book Change: The Human Dis-ease. The... Read More

Book Review

The Understory

“To look twice is not good, not the way things should be, but I decide it is better than failing to look at all,” admits Jack Gorse, the lonely protagonist of Pamela Erens’ "The Understory", at the top of this mesmerizing tale.... Read More

Book Review

Poem of the Deep Song

by Naomi Millán

Most famous for his posthumous collection, Poet in New York, this poet is presented here at the beginning of his career, a young man full of passion for his country and its duende. Lorca first gained renown in 1921 for Libra de Poemas... Read More

Book Review

Simple Scrapbooks

by Tracy Fitzwater

Boxes of family photographs may invite conflicting feelings of joy and guilt—how to assemble all of those pictures in a meaningful way for the entire family to enjoy? Julian’s new book will inspire the scrapbook enthusiast regardless... Read More

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