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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 124 pages.

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Book Review

The Smile Inside

by Melissa Wuske

Humor and a positive attitude bring an emotional edge to this weight-loss memoir. In "The Smile Inside", a memoir designed to motivate, Lisa Sapiro shares the ups and downs of her journey to weight loss—and the mental and physical... Read More

Book Review

The Power to Excel

by Dindy Yokel

Humbleness and giving back are central to Azuka Zuke Obi’s first book, The Power To Excel: Reaching For Your Best. Like a long and somewhat drawn out conversation with a friend, Obi passes along his secrets of success gained while... Read More

Book Review

Living in Christ

by Melissa Wuske

In "Living in Christ", Dan Lynch seeks to unlock the meaning of Bible verses containing the words “in Christ,” “in Him,” or “in Whom.’” Lynch shares with readers what, in his view, it means to live life “in Christ” and... Read More

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